Simien Mountains Trekking

what to bring and when to GO


When to Go


Ethiopia is generally pleasant and warm, but weather conditions vary with altitude. The long rains usually last from mid-June to early September and the short rains from mid-February to April - although this pattern has been completely unpredictable in recent times. After the rains, the highlands of northern Ethiopia are usually green and thus particularly scenic.

The temperature all year round rarely falls below 17°C. Night-time temperatures in the mountains can be cold and can drop below 0°C at higher altitude. There is a strong risk of sunburn at high altitude in Ethiopia. Seasonal weather patterns can be unpredictable.

The best time for trekking in Ethiopia is from October to March.


What to Bring


Bringing the following listed items is recommended but is not mandatory (for guide line only).

The basics

ü  Valid passport

ü  Insurance Certificate

ü  Proof of Vaccination Certificate


Mountain treks


ü  Waterproof nylon or goretex jacket and over trousers

ü  Waterproof hat

ü  Fleeces (a thick warm one and 1 or 2 thinner ones)

ü  Down or fibre pile jacket

ü  Gloves

ü  Socks (avoid nylon socks)

ü  Shirts (longer, loose fitting ones cotton)

ü  Water bottles

ü  Walking boots and spare laces

ü  Trekking poles

ü  Sleeping bag

ü  Lip balm

ü  Sun block

ü  Sun cream

ü  Sun hat

ü  Throat pastilles

ü  Warm hat/balaclava

ü  Trek kit bag

ü  Plastic bags

ü  Torch

ü  Small first aid kit




ü  Sleeping bag

ü  Cotton sleeping sheet

ü  Air mattress (with puncture kit) closed cell foam mattress (Karrimat/Thermarest)

ü  Small inflatable cushion/pillow

ü  Water bottle


Individual kit


ü  Universal bath plug

ü  Wash kit/towel

ü  Battery shaver

ü  Torch with spare batteries

ü  Small travel alarm/reliable watch

ü  Earplugs

ü  Sun cream/lip salve

ü  Moisturizing cream/cleansing pads

ü  Tissues/toilet paper/tampons

ü  Dark sun glasses

ü  Spare spectacles (or lens prescription)

ü  Detergent

ü  Polythene bags

ü  Sewing kit/String (clothes line/repairs etc.)

ü  Individual medical kit

ü  Water purification tablets

ü  Malaria tablets

ü  Personal medication 



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